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Patrick Beverley Emphatically Declares There’s ‘No Challenge’ in Guarding LeBron James

Patrick Beverley LeBron James

Los Angeles Clippers guard Patrick Beverley seems to think he’s unlocked the secret to defending superstar LeBron James.

Following the Los Angeles Lakers’ commanding win over the Clippers on Sunday, Beverley asserted that there is no challenge to guarding the four-time MVP.

“No challenge,” Beverley said while cutting off a reporter who was asking about the difficulties of guarding James. “Not hard at all.”

While Beverley certainly seems confident in his statement, the game’s box score tells a different story.

James finished the game with 28 points, nine assists, seven rebounds and two blocks in the 112-103 victory.

For comparison, Beverley finished the night with two points and four rebounds.

Perhaps, Beverley will change his tune once he gets an opportunity to look at the tape from Sunday’ game.

However, knowing his personality, it seems pretty unlikely that he’ll ever admit how truly laughable his comments were.