Patrick Beverley says Russell Westbrook has been his best friend on Lakers since joining team

Jonathan Sherman
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When the Los Angeles Lakers traded for veteran guard Patrick Beverley earlier this offseason, a lot of fans and experts immediately started thinking about the historic rivalry that has existed between him and Lakers guard Russell Westbrook.

For years, the two were not big fans of one another and spoke publicly about the ill will they held for one another. However, those sentiments seem to be firmly in the past now that the two are teammates.

In fact, during the Lakers’ media day on Monday, Beverley surprised many when he said that Westbrook has been his “best friend” within the organization since he joined the team. Beverley went on to say that that the two have also been training together.

It’s a big surprise, and it should come as a welcome one to Lakers fans. After all, Westbrook and Beverley could very well end up being the Lakers’ starting backcourt to begin the 2022-23 season.

If the two can create a strong sense of cohesion and on-court chemistry together, the entire organization will benefit from it.

The team could also benefit from Westbrook’s team-first mentality, which he recently discussed. Westbrook made it clear that he is willing to do anything to help the team win. Still, the assumption is that he wants to be in the team’s starting lineup when the 2022-23 season tips off.

With that in mind, the Lakers’ recent acquisition of guard Dennis Schroder could certainly get in the way of Westbrook’s desire to start. Schroder was really impressive during the recent 2022 EuroBasket tournament, and he is definitely a contender to start at the 1 spot as well.

At the moment, it is really hard to predict what kind of team the Lakers will be in the upcoming season. If LeBron James and Anthony Davis can remain healthy, the Lakers have a chance to be a solid team. James relayed a positive message regarding his health on Monday.

However, if both players struggle with injuries again and Westbrook continues to struggle to find his place on the roster, the 2022-23 season could be a replica of the previous one.

Hopefully, the connection that Beverley and Westbrook have already formed is a sign of a good things to come.

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