Patrick Beverley implies his opinion wasn’t valued on Lakers

Peter Dewey
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Current Chicago Bulls and former Los Angeles Lakers guard Patrick Beverley gave a detailed look into his time with the Lakers and how his perspective was taken by the team.

“It was hard,” Beverley said. “… So when the times it gets to Pat – when the times it gets to, ‘Aw man maybe we should do this,’ – I don’t want to say it’s not being heard, but you gotta go through first-year coach (Darvin Ham), the LeBron [James], the A.D. (Anthony Davis), the Russ (Russell Westbrook), and then it get to me.

“You know what I’m saying? So like, you don’t hear my s— the way you should hear my s—.”

Beverley didn’t stop there, saying that people didn’t respect his vision with the Lakers.

“People with the Lakers, it was frustrating,” he said. “It’s like people don’t be seeing my vision. And, how could you like – my high school coach, we was talking about this s— like, ‘How could you not respect anything I gotta say, look what the f— I done been through.’”

Beverley explained that he has played basketball in all different environments from the NBA to the D-League to overseas which has given him a depth of knowledge about the game.

It’s tough to see a veteran leader like Beverley feel this way about his time with Los Angeles, but he appears to be in a better spot now that he’s with the Chicago Bulls.

The Lakers moved Beverley at the trade deadline to the Orlando Magic for center Mo Bamba. Orlando ended up buying out Beverley’s deal, allowing him to sign with Chicago to help the team make a playoff push.

Right now, the Bulls are the No. 10 seed in the Eastern Conference, but they have won three straight games heading into Wednesday night’s matchup with the Philadelphia 76ers.

With Lonzo Ball out for the season, the Bulls were able to add a proven point guard in Beverley to their rotation for the stretch run.

The Lakers have fared well since the trade deadline, but from Beverley’s perspective, it seems like there were a lot of voices trying to figure out what it was going to take for the team to win games earlier on in the season.

Los Angeles is looking to get into the playoffs in the West, but it enters Wednesday’s action in the No. 11 seed in the conference.

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