Nick Young calls out women’s basketball: ‘Man y’all not bringing in the big bucks, y’all the JV team’

Brad Sullivan
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Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

Former Los Angeles Lakers guard Nick Young is already taking heat for social media comments about the difference between men’s and women’s basketball that are perceived as being sexist in nature.

Young, who last played in the NBA in December 2018, isn’t shy about offering his opinion online, though the above comments clearly struck a wrong chord with advocates for women’s basketball.

While the WNBA’s revenues are clearly dwarfed by the NBA and NCAA men’s basketball being more prominently featured than the women’s game, the women’s game has grown exponentially in recent decades.

Given the fact that he’s no longer playing in the NBA, Young won’t be subject to any discipline for his remarks. However, he can probably expect a barrage of similar criticisms in the days to come.

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