NFL franchise declares that its offer to LeBron James to join team still stands

Brad Sullivan
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Despite getting a new contract extension from the Los Angeles Lakers, LeBron James still has a standing offer to become a member of the NFL’s Seattle Seahawks.

James has toyed in the past with the idea of playing professional football, having previously cited the Dallas Cowboys as his favorite team. Last year, James admitted that both the Cowboys and Seahawks offered him tryouts in 2011 and said that he “would have made the team.”

With James’ background in the sport limited to his formative years, any tryout would have required the basketball superstar to shake off his rustiness. That’s because he last played organized football in high school.

Yet, James’ athleticism and size have always been sources of fascination among NFL personnel. That group obviously includes Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll.

When James first entered the NBA in 2003, Carroll was serving as the head football coach of the University of Southern California. The exploits of the young superstar caught the eyes of many, with the idea of him playing football a tongue-in-cheek fantasy.

Earlier this week, the 37-year-old James agreed to an extension with the Lakers. Inking that new deal will keep him on the basketball court instead of the football field.

Given the lucrative new deal James signed with the Lakers, any potential deal with the Seahawks would probably pale in comparison.

For now, James will surely get a smile on his face thinking about the Seahawks’ offer. That’s in contrast to his determination to be fully prepared for the 2022-23 NBA campaign, which he hopes will wipe away the disappointment of last season.

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