NBA players and media outraged after no-call on LeBron James at end of Lakers-Celtics game

Zach Stevens
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On Saturday, basketball fans were treated to a barn burner, as the Los Angeles Lakers and Boston Celtics went down to the wire in New England.

The Celtics won in overtime, 125-121, after a controversial non-call at the end of regulation when Celtics star Jayson Tatum hacked LeBron James as he attempted a game-winning layup. The NBA world was in an uproar over how the contest ended.

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Right after the officials missed the foul on Tatum, Lakers guard Patrick Beverley tried showing one of the officials his mistake using a camera, only to get tagged with a technical foul.

Still, Fox Sports 1 personality Skip Bayless, who is considered by many to be a James hater, applauded the superstar for attacking the basket with the game on the line.

Others chimed in by saying the NBA should tweak its officiating system in order to prevent mishaps such as this one from taking place again.

The NBA reportedly admitted to the Lakers shortly after the end of the game that it did indeed err by not calling a foul on Tatum at the end of the fourth quarter. However, it did nothing to help them.

They have now fallen to a 23-27 record, and although they remain within striking distance of the sixth spot in the Western Conference, time is slowly running out with each down-to-the-wire loss they endure.

James has been playing some amazingly prolific ball ever since turning 38 on Dec. 30, but lots of it is going to waste. He was up to his old tricks again on Saturday, scoring 41 points and tossing in 6-of-12 shots from beyond the arc, but with all the wear and tear he has, he only has so many such performances left.

Los Angeles was able to hold Boston down in submission defensively for much of Saturday’s game, allowing it to take an 11-point lead at one time, but its offense was stagnant and bogged down, which kept the Celtics in it.

James and crew will look to get back on track on Monday against the Brooklyn Nets, a contest that will be followed by a Tuesday tilt at the New York Knicks.

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