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NBA insider says Kyle Kuzma’s ready to move on from Lakers

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The Los Angeles Lakers may make significant changes this offseason, and if they do so, forward Kyle Kuzma may be used as trade bait.

Apparently, Kuzma himself is ready to move on from the Purple and Gold.

When Kuzma was a rookie with the team in the 2017-18 season, fans started to fall in love with him. Despite being a late first-round draft choice, he displayed the offensive skills of a much more seasoned player.

However, he has frustrated some fans since, as his 3-point shooting and overall efficiency and production have been somewhat inconsistent.

Months ago, Kuzma agreed to a contract extension, and the amount of money he’s being paid on that extension could very well make him a somewhat attractive trade chip.

The Lakers’ biggest need this summer is a ball-handling guard who can score and make plays for others. If such a guard could be had, Kuzma could be packing his bags as a result.