NBA insider details one possible trade package Lakers could offer Pistons for Jerami Grant

Brad Sullivan
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During an appearance on a podcast, NBA insider Brian Windhorst explained one way the Los Angeles Lakers could put together a trade offer to potentially acquire Jerami Grant.

Windhorst spoke with Bobby Marks and offered a trade the struggling Lakers might be able to make for the Detroit Pistons forward.

“Here’s an example of an option, Bobby,” Windhorst said. “So, the Lakers have been rumored to have interest in Jerami Grant, and I think that the Pistons, who are in the middle of a rebuild and not going anywhere this season. … I think they might listen on Jeremi Grant.

“So, if you could get a player like Jerami Grant, now that would take probably [Talen] Horton-Tucker and maybe that ’27 first and maybe Kendrick Nunn to make the money work. Is that the type of trade, Bobby, that you would consider if you were the Lakers because that’s a guy who could help you more?”

Marks then stated that he would make such a deal if he were with the Lakers.

“Yeah, that’s a win-now, impact roster trade,” Marks said. “Jerami has not played as well as he did a year ago and he’s injured, so you’re not getting him until probably mid-February there, but that’s the type of deal that you consider when you’re sacrificing probably that ’27 pick, and if you’re Detroit, 2027 pick is valuable because who knows where this Laker roster is going to be?”

The 27-year-old Grant is in his eighth NBA season and his second year with the Pistons. Prior to injuring his thumb earlier this month, he was averaging 20.1 points, 4.8 rebounds, 2.6 assists, 1.1 steals and 1.1 blocks per game.

Meanwhile, Horton-Tucker is just 21 years old and definitely has the potential to improve, while Nunn has yet to play with the Lakers this season.

Giving up a 2027 draft pick likely wouldn’t be difficult for a Lakers team that’s trying to remain a sold title contender this season.

At present, the Lakers are in the midst of a five-game losing streak and have a season record of 16-18. Their struggles have had a lot to do with health and injury issues. The Lakers are still hoping to get back on track and make a deep playoff run.

Whether or not the Lakers will end up making any deal for Grant remains to be seen. However, they might need to make some sort of move soon in order to remain viable contenders for the NBA title this season.

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