Michael Jordan’s ‘best friend’ says he’d rather play with LeBron James: ‘Mike ain’t passing me the ball’

Jonathan Sherman
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For years, the debate comparing Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James to Chicago Bulls legend Michael Jordan has raged on. The two players are arguably the greatest to ever put on NBA jerseys, and as James’ career continues, the debate of who is actually the best continues to get more interesting.

One common talking point in the debate is the fact that Jordan has six titles to James’ four. Another common discussion revolves around the fact that James is now the NBA’s all-time leading scorer, a feat that he accomplished earlier this season.

When it comes to former NBA star Charles Oakley — who sees Jordan as his best friend — he’d rather play with James, and he has a unique reason why. It won’t come as a shock to any NBA fans out there that Oakley believes James would pass him the ball before Jordan.

“They asked me, ‘Who would you rather play with, LeBron or Mike?'” Oakley began. “I said, ‘LeBron, but Mike my best friend.’ Mike ain’t passing me the ball. He don’t care if I get a shot today or tomorrow.”

There is no doubt that Jordan and James are two very different players. Jordan was a killer who was typically looking to score the ball. That’s just one of the many reasons why he had so many iconic moments hitting big shots our ascending to the basket in acrobatic ways.

As for James, he is arguably the more well-rounded player of the two. He is, of course, an elite scorer, but he is also considered to be one of the best passers and playmakers in NBA history.

When it comes to the title discussion, James is certainly hoping to add another ring to his collection this season. Though the playoffs seemed like a long shot for Los Angeles at points this season, they are starting to look more and more like a reality these days. The Lakers are currently the No. 7 team in the Western Conference and may end up in the play-in tournament.

An outright playoff spot is still within reach, as the Lakers are just 1.5 games back of the Golden State Warriors for the No. 6 spot. However, even if the Lakers have to advance through the play-in tournament, it seems like the team is starting to click in all the right ways at exactly the right time.

The Lakers won a massive game on Friday night over the Minnesota Timberwolves, 123-111. They’ll take on the lowly Houston Rockets on Sunday.

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