Lou Williams Shares Epic Story About Kobe Bryant Demanding to Guard Scorching Denver Nuggets Player

Jonathan Sherman
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Since his passing, Kobe Bryant has been the subject of a seemingly endless list of incredible stories from current and former NBA stars.

The latest such story comes from Los Angeles Clippers sharpshooter Lou Williams, who shared an incredible memory of his playing days alongside Bryant.


Williams began by looking back at a game between the Lakers and Denver Nuggets when small forward Will Barton was enjoying a strong game.

“I think Will probably had like 25 at halftime,” Williams remembered.

He then broke down how Bryant responded in the Lakers locker room at halftime.

“We were making adjustments to Will and we were changing our coverage, and Kob said, ‘I’m going to guard him second half, don’t worry about him,'” recounted Williams. “Everybody kind of looked at him, and Byron was going to keep talking and Kob said, ‘No, don’t worry about him, I’ll take care of it. He won’t even exist in the second half.'”

Williams then admitted that even Bryant’s teammates were not convinced that the five-time champion was actually going to be able to slow down Barton that night.

Obviously, they were proven wrong in the second half.

“Kob went out and guarded him that second half and Will Barton had two points the second half,” he said. “When he put his mind to something he meant it and he was going to get it done one way or another.”

Bryant’s tenacity and determination to be the greatest player he possibly could be will be two of the things players and fans alike will remember about him forever.

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