LeBron James Talks About Time He Teamed Up With Michael Jordan During Scrimmage

Jonathan Sherman
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The documentary series “The Last Dance” has had the entire basketball world buzzing about Michael Jordan’s greatness, and Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James has certainly joined in.

In a recent interview with Uninterrupted, James spoke about a time when he actually got to play alongside Jordan.


“We would stay along with the college kids that he would invite to the game as well, or to the camp I should say,” James said as he looked back to when he took part in Jordan’s basketball camp in Santa Barbara, Calif. “We would get a good a– run in for about a good hour, hour 15. So I was on a team with M.J., and we didn’t lose a game.”

At the time, James was still just a rookie phenom playing for the Cleveland Cavaliers. Jordan was recently retired.

Despite the six-time champion’s work status at the time, chances are good that he was still in pretty good shape. Surely, his basketball savvy paired with James’ athletic brilliance made for a nearly unstoppable duo.

Given how much fans and players alike awed over footage from “The Last Dance,” chances are good they’d do just about anything to get their hands on any footage that might exist from that game.

With that being said, perhaps it is better that the few games that Jordan and James played together are simply left to basketball legend.

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