LeBron James sparks outrage from NBA Twitter for talking to Miles Bridges after Lakers loss to Hornets

Jonathan Sherman
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Following the Los Angeles Lakers loss to the Charlotte Hornets on Friday, LeBron James was seen talking to Hornets player Miles Bridges.

That rubbed a lot of NBA fans the wrong way due to the allegations brought against Bridges regarding serious domestic violence. Following the 134-130 decision, many fans took to social media to express their anger over James’ apparent willingness to enjoy a conversation with the convicted domestic abuser.

There is no question that it is not a good look for James. In fact, there are surely many that would argue that it is a rather bad look for the entire NBA that Bridges is even allowed to attend games at the moment.

Back in November of this year, Bridges pled no contest to a felony charge and received a sentence of three years of probation and no jail time.

Despite that fact, Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN recently reported that Bridges and the Hornets are “gathering traction” towards a new deal.

“The Charlotte Hornets and restricted free agent forward Miles Bridges are gathering traction in talks on a new deal, and optimism exists that an agreement could come in the near future, sources told ESPN on Friday,” he wrote.

Almost immediately after the story came out, many people flocked to social media to criticize the NBA and ESPN of trying to get the story out during a Friday news dump right before the Christmas holiday.

As if James yucking it up with Bridges following the game was not bad enough, it is also important to remember that Bridges remains signed to Klutch Sports, the high-powered agency that was founded by James’ own agent and old friend, Rich Paul.

It will be interesting to see if James decides to respond to any of the criticism. However, knowing how good he is at avoiding controversy, chances are good that he will just block the noise out and continue on living his life.

As for Bridges, his situation will certainly be something to monitor for NBA fans going forward. Based on what is currently known, it seems as though he will eventually be back on the NBA court. What is not known, however, is how long it will be until he actually does retake the court.

“Bridges’ case remains under investigation by the league, and it’s unclear how long a suspension he is facing, sources said,” Wojnarowski reported.

Surely, there will be quite a lot of media coverage going on in Charlotte once further clarity is offered in regards to Bridges’ situation.

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