LeBron James says he won’t play until age 46 due to hilarious reason

Brad Sullivan
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Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James is still going strong at age 36, but he jokingly dismissed the idea that he’ll still be playing in a decade from now.

James has always displayed a rigorous work ethic that’s allowed him to be one of the more durable players in the NBA. Yet, it’s clear that his wife’s thinking will play a part in his ultimate decision to retire.

“I’ll tell you, I don’t think that I can go until I’m 46,” James joked. “We can go 26 to 36, but I don’t think I can go to 46. I also don’t think my wife would like that very much. She wouldn’t like that either.”

One amazing aspect of James’ NBA career is that, as he continues his 18th season in the league, he’s now spent approximately half of his life in the league. In that time, he’s developed into one of the greatest basketball players ever.

James has managed to combine superb physical abilities and an encyclopedic knowledge of the game of basketball to make that happen. Mixed in with that is an insatiable desire to win NBA titles.

That fervor for championships has resulted in four NBA titles with three different teams. Most recently, he led the Lakers to their first championship in a decade last season.

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