LeBron James says chasing the NBA’s scoring title while missing out on the postseason is the ‘most wackest thing ever’

Jonathan Sherman
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Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James was firmly in the race for the 2021-22 NBA scoring title, but it became quite apparent that he was not interested in chasing the award once his team was eliminated from the playoffs.

The four-time MVP said on Monday during his exit interview that chasing the award once the Lakers were eliminated from playoff contention is something that is “so beneath” him.


It’s a strong statement for sure, and it really affirms something that has been believed about James for most of his career: He values winning and championships far more than any personal accolades.

There has long been an argument that claims James could win the scoring title every single season if he wanted to. This season seemed to confirm that. A 37-year-old winning the scoring title in today’s NBA would have definitely been an astounding achievement.

Still, James was far more focused on trying to lead his team down a winning path. Unfortunately, he failed in achieving that goal.

Now, James will watch the 2022 NBA Playoffs from home. The 18-time All-Star has missed the playoffs only four times throughout his lengthy career. He also missed the playoffs during his first year with the Lakers.

Perhaps the only silver lining in missing the playoffs is that the 37-year-old superstar will enjoy another lengthy offseason, which he can use to get fully healthy. James has suffered many injuries and missed lots of games during his time with the Lakers.

Surely, he’ll hope to make his return to the playoffs in the 2022-23 campaign.

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