LeBron James’ Emphatic Reaction to Hater Throwing Trash at His Son

Jonathan Sherman
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LeBron James Jr. is making a name for himself as a young basketball player with a very promising future.

That kind of celebrity inevitably leads to a certain amount of hate coming from random onlookers.

Few know that fact better than Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James.

On Monday night, the elder James took to social media to defend and applaud his son when a video went viral of someone throwing what looked to be a piece of trash at the high school freshman.

The elder James has faced countless haters in his storied NBA career. For that reason, there is perhaps no better person suited to teach his son about facing and overcoming adversity.

The elder James’ first season with the Lakers was a perfect example. After signing with the Lakers as a free agent back in 2018, the three-time champion failed to lead the Lakers to the postseason.

That led many to believe that his time of dominance in the NBA was coming to an end.

This season, the story is very different. The elder James has managed to help mold the Lakers into one of the most dangerous teams in the NBA this season.

As for the younger James, he is still figuring out what it means to be a blossoming basketball player in the high school ranks.

While nothing is guaranteed, it certainly looks like the 15-year-old has a very bright basketball future a head of him.

Luckily, he seems to have the mental fortitude necessary to handle all the pressure and animosity that can come with that level of fame.

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