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LeBron James Responds to Analyst Who Says LeBron James Jr. Has Better Jump Shot

LeBron James and LeBron James Jr.

Los Angeles Lakers forward LeBron James has dealt with plenty of criticism over the years, but he took a good-natured approach to an NBA analyst stating that LeBron James Jr.’s jump shot is slightly better than his father’s.

The younger James turned 15 in October, but has already been followed for a number of years by the basketball recruiting community. Part of that stems from his pedigree, though his talent has been notable enough to already draw comparisons to his legendary father.

When the elder James competed at the high school level, he was on the cover of Sports Illustrated, and a number of his games were nationally televised. In 2003, he graduated from high school and was promptly selected as the top pick in the NBA draft by the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Unlike his father, the younger James would not be able to immediately enter his name in the NBA draft after high school. That’s because current league rules prohibit the practice that was in place when the elder James began his professional career.

Bryce Maximus James is only 12 years old, but as his father pointed out, he is also showing signs of having the skills to compete on the court.

James is a loving father and often praises his children on social media, however he simply can’t be there to help their basketball progression along as much as he’d likely want. That’s because he’s trying to help the Lakers not only get back to the postseason, but also capture an NBA title.

Certainly his sons, as well as his daughter and wife, are hoping that he accomplishes both tasks.