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Video: LeBron James Sends Powerful Message in Latest Nike Commercial

LeBron James Lakers Brian Spurlock / USA TODAY Sports

LeBron James released a new Nike advertisement on social media that looks back at his humble beginnings with a powerful statement.

James can be heard narrating in the background while various children watch his career unfold, going from a high school phenom all the way to a veteran NBA star.

“We always hear about an athlete’s humble beginnings,” James says at the beginning of the commercial. “How they emerged from poverty or tragedy to beat the odds.”

As the 17-year veteran continues to talk about an athlete’s rise from his difficult circumstances, it’s clear that James wants to inspire the viewer to follow in his footsteps.

So instead of merely showing the usual career typical of most athletes’ commercials, the ad shows the Los Angeles Lakers star giving back to the community towards the latter part of his career. James’ I Promise School is prominently featured, showing how athletes can change the lives of children for the better.

“But you know what would be really special?” James asks the viewer as the commercial draws to a close. “If there were no more humble beginnings.”

James is determined to make lasting changes in the lives of other people, but he has a special place in his heart for underprivileged kids.

The work he has done for his community, it seems, has only just begun.