LeBron James reflects on Kobe Bryant’s legacy: ‘A lot of things that die in this world, but legends never die’

Robert Marvi
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The one-year anniversary of the death of Los Angeles Lakers great Kobe Bryant is approaching, and once again people are reflecting on his remarkable life and accomplishments.

Lakers superstar LeBron James talked about the mark that Bryant left on the franchise and basketball itself.

“Us being able to remember him and wear the [Black Mamba] jerseys during the postseason and have the postseason success we had, as you guys saw with those uniforms. We got a lot of guys that wear his shoes still to this day,” James said about Bryant. “I’m able to wear the 2-4 on my finger every night, and the when we play at Staples Center you see that 8-24 in the rafters and be able to just live his legacy on. There’s a lot of things that die in this world, but legends never die, and he’s exactly that.”

The four-time champ was obviously devastated emotionally after Bryant’s passing due to a tragic helicopter crash. When the Lakers played their first game after the incident last January, James gave a short but impassioned speech before tipoff.

The Pennsylvania native wasn’t just one of the greatest athletes of all time, but he was and still is an inspiration to many because of his ironclad determination, work ethic and indomitable will to win.

The Lakers did well to carry on his legacy last year, as they blazed through the playoffs with relative ease to win their first NBA championship since Bryant led the franchise to the world title over the Boston Celtics in 2010.

When one’s greatness isn’t just due to his or her talent or skill but also because of one’s intangibles, it tends to touch people emotionally in a way that tends to live on forever and inspire others to become great themselves.

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Robert is a native of Santa Monica, Calif., and a graduate of the University of California, Santa Barbara. He has been an avid NBA fan since he was a little kid in the mid '90s and fell in love with the Nick Van Exel-led Lakers teams. He truly cherishes the Kobe Bryant-era of Lakers basketball and the five world championships that came with it, and is looking forward to the team's next NBA title.