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LeBron James Promotes Throwback Lakers Jerseys via Social Media

LeBron James and DeMarcus Cousins

LeBron James is loving a particular Los Angeles Lakers throwback jersey that he chose for his team while playing NBA 2K20 on Wednesday night.

James posted a video of the video game version of teammate DeMarcus Cousins wearing a white and blue throwback jersey on his Instagram story.

Based on his comment on the video, James is definitely loving the look and he may even be promoting it for the Lakers to give it a shot this season.

This is the same jersey design that team legends Jerry West and Elgin Baylor proudly wore early in their careers.

Thanks to NBA 2K20, James can envision how the uniforms look on his own version of the Lakers.

If James is indeed hoping for the Lakers to bring back these beloved 1960s threads, he is not alone.

There’s actually a petition on Change.org for the team to adopt the throwback jersey for the 2019-20 regular season.

With James already raving about the uniform, it would be nice to see the Lakers officially announcing it as one of their alternate jerseys this season.

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