LeBron James has no problem staying patient with the new-look Lakers

James Kingsley
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Newly acquire superstar LeBron James spoke after shootaround on Monday and said that he has no problem staying patient with his new-look Los Angeles Lakers.

The Lakers have started the season off 0-2 with two tough losses to the Portland Trail Blazers and Houston Rockets, culminating in a disastrous brawl, which featured Rajon Rondo, Brandon Ingram, and James’ close friend Chris Paul.

“It’s a new group for all of us together, so I don’t think it’s going to be in the first couple weeks,” James said. “I think it’s going to take us a while to understand what it’s going to take for us to be the team that we want to be. We’re going to have some rough patches, and we’re going to have some good patches, and then at some point it’s going to click for us and we’re going to know ‘this is who we are, and this is what we need to do to be great and put ourselves in a position to win every night.’”

Hopefully the good patches come soon, as the Lakers will be without the services of Rondo for three games and Ingram for four games due to their involvement in the brawl.

“We have room to improve, and that’s a good thing,” James said. “We’ve been in a position to win both games. In Portland and at home. It was a one-point game at one point at home, and we didn’t get the stops we needed to get and they made shots. In Portland, we had a good chance to win as well and then the same thing happened at home.

“We’re going to learn from those moments. I think the best teacher in life is experience,” James said. “We’ve experienced that the first two games, and we want to continue to learn.”

James and the Lakers are hoping to come up with a victory tonight against the San Antonio Spurs as point guard Lonzo Ball and forward Kyle Kuzma will slide into the starting lineup.

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