LeBron James pounces on football players who try to act tough and pretend they’re gangsters

Jonathan Sherman
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Earlier this week, Miami Dolphins quarterback Teddy Bridgewater issued a powerful message letting young fans know that a “tough guy image” that many professional athletes portray is not genuine or necessary to succeed in sports.

Bridgewater wanted to make it clear to young athletes that they can “play ball, do the right thing and they still gonna accept you.”

On Wednesday, Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James took to social media to promote Bridgewater’s message.

In Bridgewater’s message, it seems the veteran quarterback is specifically speaking to young men who come from poor neighborhoods and want to pursue professional sports while also remaining true to their upbringing. He wants to spread the belief that acting tough does not have to factor into accomplishing that goal.

James has been an incredible example of that very fact throughout the entirety of his NBA career. Though James grew up in Akron, Ohio, and comes from incredibly humble beginnings, he has never tried to portray a “street image,” as Bridgewater called it.

Even as a young man, James always appeared to be incredibly composed, mild mannered and positive.

Beyond that, he has also arguably done more for his hometown than any other professional athlete has ever done before. He was an economic force during his time with the Cleveland Cavaliers, and he has since gone on to give back to his hometown community in countless ways.

Perhaps most notably, James’ LeBron James Family Foundation opened the I Promise School, a public school aimed specifically at helping at-risk children and their families.

James has been known to proudly promote messages and ideas that he agrees with on social media. It’s great to see him agree so wholeheartedly with Bridgewater’s positive and powerful statement.

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