LeBron James hits massive milestone on social media, crushing NBA, NFL and MLB

Brad Sullivan
1 Min Read

Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James has surpassed many big names during his basketball career and has now surpassed the combined Instagram followers of three major leagues.

James’ popularity has grown over the past two decades, even before the emergence of social media. However, it’s clear that his remarks on Instagram and other social media platforms continue to garner a vast amount of attention across the world.

Had James merely amassed more Instagram followers than the NBA or one of the other leagues mentioned, it would have been worthy of notice.

Yet, the fact that James now has more followers than those leagues combined shows what a media juggernaut he represents and why his opinion on any number of topics is worth recognizing.

While James is likely to take some pride in his latest milestone, he’s more focused on preparing for the Lakers’ season opener on Oct. 19 against the Golden State Warriors.

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