LeBron James’ NSFW Message in Anticipation of Michael Jordan’s ‘The Last Dance’

Justin Benjamin
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The NBA world is set for Sunday evening’s debut of Chicago Bulls legend Michael Jordan’s documentary, “The Last Dance.”

Among the eager viewers will be Los Angeles Laker superstar LeBron James, who shared a passionate remark regarding the upcoming short series.

Michael Jordan

The 10-part documentary, which chronicles the Bulls’ 1997-98 season, is set to begin airing on Sunday evening.

Although clips from the illustrious Bulls’ run have existed for years, Jordan only recently decided he wanted to put the documentary together.

In fact, it appears James inadvertently played a part in expediting the approval of the highly anticipated montage.

According to reports, Jordan approved the creation of the documentary because he felt threatened by James. The Charlotte Hornets owner accepted the pitch to produce the series on the same day the four-time MVP and the Cleveland Cavaliers were parading in 2016.

However, regardless if Jordan actually fears that the Lakers star will seize his throne, James is simply ecstatic to watch the six-time champion’s show as an NBA fan.

After all, there is limited fresh NBA content on television now as a result of the novel coronavirus.

The first two episodes of ESPN’s “The Last Dance” will premiere on Sunday, April 19 at 9 p.m. EST.

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