LeBron James Has Been at Forefront of ‘Staying Mentally and Physically Prepared’ as Lakers Approach Resumption

Brad Sullivan
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Although the resumption of the Los Angeles Lakers’ 2019-20 season doesn’t begin for nearly two months, LeBron James has already been getting his teammates prepared both from a physical and mental perspective.

Broderick Turner of the Los Angeles Times looked at how the Lakers are pursuing the goal of capturing their first NBA title in a decade, an effort that would take them playing into October.

James, a 17-year veteran, has taken on a leadership role in getting his fellow players ready.

“From keeping it lighthearted to being serious, James has been at the forefront during the Lakers’ group chats about staying ‘mentally and physically prepared’ as they approach heading to Orlando, according to people familiar with the situation but not authorized to speak publicly,” Turner wrote.

The unique circumstances that every NBA team that will be competing under this year make the restart of the 2019-20 season unknown territory. Yet, James has seen plenty of turmoil over the course of his career and has competed in nine NBA Finals, so he’s capable of making quick adjustments.

The 35-year-old James, along with new addition Anthony Davis, will be the key pieces in any championship drive for the Lakers.

James knows what it takes to capture a championship and has been rewarded during his trio of successful title runs with NBA Finals MVP honors.

This sort of leadership was what the Lakers were looking for when they signed James during the 2018 free-agency period. The hope is that James’ efforts will pay off and put him in a rare category of players who have led three different teams to NBA titles.

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Brad is a freelance writer for LakersDaily.com, who can clearly recall watching Lakers games in 1972 as they captured the first of their 11 Los Angeles-based titles. The franchise's evolution into a beloved and iconic franchise among its fan base since that memorable year allows for a wider perspective to be a part of his writing about the team's current fortunes.