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LeBron James discloses the 1 ‘common goal’ that he shares with Tom Brady

LeBron James and Tom Brady

Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James and Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady are still dominating their respective sports.

That is true despite their advanced ages compared to many of their teammates and opponents.

James says that he shares “one common goal” with Brady, and it has nothing to do with individual stats.

At age 36, James has accomplished almost all the individual accolades one can earn in the NBA. With four regular season MVPs, four Finals MVPs and a scoring title under his belt, his individual dominance has never been in question.

At this point of his career, it’s simply a question of how many more championships he can win.

James currently has four NBA titles, and the Lakers are the favorites in the minds of many to repeat as world champs this season.

The Akron, Ohio native has also lost six times in the Finals, which is holding him back in the minds of some in his quest to become the greatest of all time.

Brady, who is universally considered the greatest NFL player ever, has won six Super Bowls and only lost three. He’ll have a chance to win another next Sunday.

For James, adding another ring or two without losing again in the Finals would take his already sterling resume to an even higher level.