LeBron James and Kevin Durant come to Donovan Mitchell's defense amidst Shaquille O'Neal criticism - Lakers Daily

LeBron James and Kevin Durant come to Donovan Mitchell’s defense amidst Shaquille O’Neal criticism

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Los Angeles Lakers veteran LeBron James and Brooklyn Nets forward Kevin Durant took exception to the on-air criticism that former Laker Shaquille O’Neal directed at Utah Jazz guard Donovan Mitchell on Thursday night.

The controversy began when O’Neal was interviewing Mitchell on Thursday night and stated that the guard lacked the ability to take the Jazz to the next level.

Cuffs the legend


LeBron James and Kevin Durant

Mitchell’s limited response was no doubt hiding his irritation with O’Neal’s opinion, considering that the guard has developed into an NBA standout.

During Mitchell’s first three seasons, the Jazz reached the Western Conference semifinals during Mitchell’s rookie season in 2017-18 and then were eliminated in the first round of the playoffs the next two seasons.

Still, O’Neal’s criticism seems unwarranted, considering that Mitchell is just one facet of the Jazz’s regular lineup and is facing teams that have as much, if not more, talent.

James’ comments help offer some payback for Mitchell, who previously offered support for James after television host Laura Ingraham criticized him. In addition, James’ respect for Mitchell as a player made a response to O’Neal’s comments necessary.