Lamar Odom talks trash to Aaron Carter’s face, says he’s getting knocked out come June 12

Brendan O'Sullivan
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Former Los Angeles Lakers two-time champion Lamar Odom had some fighting words for rapper Aaron Carter ahead of their June 12 bout.

“I’m pretty good, bro. It’ll be fun,” Odom said to Carter. “But, you’ll have fun getting knocked out.”

The two are partaking in a celebrity boxing match at the Showboat Casino in Atlantic City on June 12.

Odom, 41 years old, stands at 6-foot-10 and last played NBA basketball in the 2012-13 season in which he averaged 4.0 points per game in 19.7 minutes per game.

During his NBA career, Odom noted that he boxed, so he has experience despite not having an official fight on his record.

“I’ve always boxed, in my best years with the Lakers, I used boxing for training, and so for me to go and show what I’ve learned on my man’s face, this is like retribution for Nate Robinson,” Odom said. “This is gonna be easy work.”

Odom is the next NBA player to take the ring after Robinson was knocked out by YouTube star Jake Paul on Nov. 28.

This time, the NBA player has the clear height advantage. Odom, 6-foot-10, will face the 6-foot Carter. Robinson is 5-foot-9, while Paul is 6-foot-1.

Nevertheless, Carter, 33, believes he will win the fight.

“I know I can [beat Lamar],” Carter said. “Come June 12, like I said, like Apollo Creed said, ‘I’m gonna drop him like a bad habit,’ and I mean that.”

Regardless of the outcome, Odom said that he hopes to be hang out with Carter in Atlantic City.

“So after, we’re gonna be in Atlantic City, it will be summertime, it’ll be hot, we’ll hang out, maybe even drink a little, maybe even gamble a little bit,” said Odom.

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