Lamar Odom says Kobe Bryant comes to him often in dreams and tells him to ‘keep fighting’

Jonathan Sherman
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Ever since Kobe Bryant’s passing, the Los Angeles Lakers family has never truly been the same. During his many years with the organization, Bryant seemed to embody everything that it meant to be a Lakers player and star.

He impacted countless current and former NBA players’ lives as he led by example both on and off the court. Though Bryant is gone, his spirit lives on for many of the people who knew him. One such person is Bryant’s former Lakers teammate Lamar Odom.

Odom has dealt with numerous issues in his life, and the fact that he is still alive can be seen as something of a victory for him. During a recent chat with TMZ, Odom revealed that Bryant comes to him in his dreams and encourages him to “keep fighting.”

“He comes to me in dreams often,” Odom said of Bryant. “Talking to me all the time, ‘Hang in there. Keep fighting.'”

Odom continued talking about Bryant.

It’s a powerful message from a former teammate of Bryant, and Odom is surely far from the only person who has dreamt of Bryant since his tragic passing.

Another former teammate of Bryant who has made it clear that he intends to honor his memory is Pau Gasol. Gasol has seemingly become a constant figure in the lives of Bryant’s widow and several daughters.

It’s a wonderful sign that the Lakers family goes much deeper than the success the players enjoy on the court.

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