Lakers veteran demands arrest of officers who pepper sprayed and arrested Black man without explanation

Jonathan Sherman
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On Friday evening, politician Julian Castro took to Twitter to express anger and shock over a video that depicted Army lieutenant Caron Nazario being aggressively detained by Virginia police officers.

The incident occurred last December, but it wasn’t until recently that the video footage came to light.

Shortly after Castro broadcasted the troubling video, Los Angeles Lakers forward Jared Dudley took to social media to demand that the officers involved be arrested.

“In a lawsuit filed earlier this month, Nazario says his constitutional rights were violated during the traffic stop in the town of Windsor,” Tom Foreman Jr. of the Associated Press reported. “The two sides in the case dispute what happened after a second police officer joined the first one in the stop. At the time, Nazario was coming from his duty station and going home, attorney Jonathan Arthur told The Associated Press on Friday.”

It’s shocking footage, and Dudley has every right to be enraged.

Surely, he’s hoping that his decision to speak out on the situation increases the chances that the officers involved are brought to justice.

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