Lakers superstar LeBron James says he wants to own a team in Las Vegas

Jonathan Sherman
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Recently, Forbes identified Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James as the first NBA player to achieve billionaire status as an active player.

As a billionaire, James has a lot in common financially with many current owners in the NBA. As it turns out, James may one day be a part of the NBA’s ownership ranks.

James has previously spoken about his desire to own an NBA team, and he recently added a bit more information about what his future plans may be. Specifically, James revealed that he wants to own a team in Las Vegas.

Almost everything James has touched has turned to gold for much of the last two decades. Of course, he is one of the most dominant NBA players ever. He has four championships as well as four league MVPs and four NBA Finals MVPs to his name.

Outside of the basketball arena, James has proven to be a brilliant businessman and has profited on a laundry list of investments and business ventures.

Owning a basketball team would seem like a perfect pairing of his basketball IQ and business acumen.

At 37 years old, James is likely nearing the final stages of his NBA career. Of course, he is still determined to win more titles before he calls it quits. He has also repeatedly expressed a desire to play alongside his eldest son, who is currently in high school.

However, once all of his boxes are checked off as a player in the NBA, James may soon start to explore ownership options.

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