Lakers star Russell Westbrook shows appreciation for Kevin Durant modeling his clothing brand

Jonathan Sherman
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Though NBA stars spend a lot of their free time improving their skills on the basketball court, a lot of stars also have side interests that they commit time and energy to.

One such player is Brooklyn Nets star Kevin Durant. Durant has long been known for being an entrepreneur. Some of his better investments include Coinbase, Postmates, Whoop and more.

Now, it looks like Durant can add the job of modeling to his long resume.

Though he may not be personally invested in Los Angeles Lakers star Russell Westbrook’s clothing brand Honor the Gift, the Nets star recently appeared in a photograph modeling some clothes from the line.

Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook

The company has continuously expressed its desire to pay “homage to Los Angeles.” Of course, Westbrook was born and raised in Southern California.

Sadly, his time with the L.A. franchise has not been quite as positive as people had hoped. Westbrook joined the franchise last summer to much fanfare. He was then quickly turned into a scapegoat once the 2021-22 season started to go south.

As for Durant, he requested a trade from the Nets earlier this offseason. Since then, there has been nearly endless speculation about where Durant could end up playing basketball next.

Though there is a lot of drama going on for both Durant and Westbrook, it is cool to see that the two stars are at least making the most out of their offseasons by pursuing interests outside of basketball.

Once the 2022-23 season starts ramping up, however, fans can be sure that the two will be back on the court with something to prove.

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