Video: Russell Westbrook slaps away grown man who tries to take his sneakers after Lakers game

Brad Sullivan
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Los Angeles Lakers guard Russell Westbrook was more than happy to give away his sneakers after Sunday’s game at Staples Center, but slapped away an effort by an adult to grab them.


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Westbrook clearly wanted the sneakers to go to a child who would presumably keep them, rather than an adult who very likely may have immediately tried to make some money by selling the shoes.

Such actions have become commonplace at the end of NBA games, with Westbrook most likely not wanting any memory of the Lakers’ 123-94 preseason loss to the Phoenix Suns.

The defeat gives the Lakers a dubious 0-4 mark in the preseason. While the contests won’t count in the standings, Westbrook and the rest of the team certainly want to get back on track over the next eight days.

That’s because the Lakers’ effort to capture their second NBA title in three seasons will officially begin at home against the Golden State Warriors on Oct. 19.

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