Lakers Rumors: Rich Paul Likes Idea of Anthony Davis in New York

Brad Sullivan
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The contract of Los Angeles Lakers big man Anthony Davis comes to an end next year, though the Lakers believe that he’ll sign a contract extension with them. However, if the team melts down during the 2019-20 season, one new report indicates that Davis could conceivably end up signing with the New York Knicks.

Marc Berman of the New York Post indicated that Davis’ agent, Rich Paul, believes that sending his client to the East Coast has appeal:

“The 2020 free-agent pool is short on stars, but they (Knicks) could be one of the favorites for big fish Anthony Davis if the Lakers implode. Rich Paul, Davis’ agent, likes the idea of his client in New York, according to a source.”

Paul is undoubtedly looking primarily at the off-court opportunities for a player of Davis’ caliber, given the sponsorship potential in the New York market. That’s because the Knicks’ on-court performance, like that of the Lakers, has largely been miserable over the past six seasons, a stretch that includes last season’s 17-65 disaster.

Losing Davis to any team would be catastrophic, considering the amount of current and future talent it took the Lakers to acquire him from the New Orleans Pelicans. The team mortgaged a good portion of its near-future to make the deal happen and can’t afford to see him walk.

The prospect of an implosion by the Lakers for the upcoming season isn’t expected, considering that Davis will be teaming in the frontcourt with both LeBron James and DeMarcus Cousins. Yet James will turn 35 during the season and Cousins is still trying to get his health back to 100 percent after blowing out his Achilles in early 2018.

Of course, it’s important to remember that the article in question was written by a New York-based writer and the Knicks’ recent efforts to land high-profile free agents have largely failed. Last month, their reported attempts to sign both the injured Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving saw both players ultimately sign with the Brooklyn Nets.

Davis has shown no indication that he wants to play his home games anywhere other than  Staples Center. Unfortunately, until he actually signs a contract extension Lakers fans will have to sit and nervously wait.

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