Lakers News: Nike Unveils First Kobe Bryant Sneaker Since His Death

Jonathan Sherman
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While there isn’t a lot to be happy about around the world right now, one thing that will bring a smile, and possible even some tears, to the faces of Los Angeles Lakers fans is the release of a new signature Kobe Bryant sneaker.

Nike quietly released a new signature Bryant shoe for the first time since January.

The Mamba Fury is what is known as a “takedown” model, which means that it will be fairly cheap compared to other top-selling basketball sneakers currently on shelves.

While it is still a fully functional basketball sneaker, it lacks some of the advanced bells and whistles that higher-priced models have.

Without a doubt, Bryant’s impact on the basketball shoe industry is massive. After he began his NBA career with Adidas, he signed with Nike in 2003.

From there, the partnership went on to revolutionize aspects of what basketball sneakers looked and operated like.

Instead of focusing on heavy high-top sneakers, Bryant and Nike explored lightweight sneakers that allowed for greater agility and control.

The impact that Bryant and Nike have on basketball shoes is a big reason why his sneakers are still preferred amongst some of the biggest NBA stars today.

There are many ways that fans and players alike will honor the memory of Bryant, and wearing his stylish and technical sneakers will surely be one of them.

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