Lakers Forward Kyle Kuzma Releases Ridiculous New TikTok Video

Jonathan Sherman
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NBA players are just as stir crazy as the rest of us during this time of social distancing and self-isolation due to the novel coronavirus.

Los Angeles Lakers forward Kyle Kuzma decided to make the most of his free time when he created a hilarious new TikTok video.

Kuzma’s video is just the latest to come from an NBA star on the highly popular social media platform. Clearly, Kuzma isn’t letting the fact that the NBA is currently on pause get him down.

Earlier this month, Kuzma’s teammate LeBron James posted a similar dancing TikTok video with his family.

While it is certainly odd to watch some of the league’s biggest stars act so silly on social media, it has definitely served as a great way to keep spirits high during this uncertain time.

As for the Lakers as a whole, the team has a major reason to celebrate after it was reported early on Tuesday that every player is currently symptom-free of COVID-19.

On March 19, it had been reported that two Lakers players had tested positive for the disease.

While the clean bill of health is great news for the Lakers, it is not an indication that NBA basketball will be back anytime soon. In order for the NBA to continue games, there will likely have to be some major steps taken to stop the spread of the illness nationwide.

Until then, fans will likely get the chance to enjoy a few more TikTok videos from their favorite NBA stars.

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