Report: Lakers Are Kawhi Leonard’s Top Choice, Theirs ‘to Lose’

Brad Sullivan
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With NBA free agency having already begun, Kawhi Leonard’s decision regarding which team he’ll play for during the 2019-20 season and beyond has become the central story to watch.

One recent report indicates that Leonard’s preference is to sign with the Los Angeles Lakers, which puts the onus on the Lakers to consummate the deal.

Leonard is coming off a tremendous postseason, which he capped by winning Finals MVP honors while leading the Toronto Raptors to their first title.

Much of the buildup to Leonard’s free agency had revolved around how he was potentially looking at returning to his hometown of Los Angeles to continue his NBA career. However, the team that he was expected to consider was the Los Angeles Clippers, not the Lakers.

Earlier this offseason, the Lakers added All-Star Anthony Davis in a huge trade with the New Orleans Pelicans. Last July, they added LeBron James, who ended up being limited to 55 games because of injury.

One recent report indicated that James and Davis had made efforts to try and recruit free agents to play with the Lakers, who have struggled in recent years.

When Davis was acquired the Lakers, their odds of winning the 2020 NBA title rose considerably. Should they be successful in signing Leonard, those odds figure to rise even higher.

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