Kyrie Irving petitions for NBA to replace current logo with that of Kobe Bryant

Ryan Ward
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Brooklyn Nets guard Kyrie Irving is one of the current NBA superstars that had a close relationship with Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant.

Irving was devastated when Bryant passed away last year, and like many that admire the five-time champion, he still struggles with the loss of the NBA icon.

On Wednesday, Irving lobbied for Bryant to become the new NBA logo, taking to Instagram to plead his case.


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The current NBA logo is a silhouette of another Lakers legend in Jerry West. The former Lakers great has never been fond of being “The Logo” and would likely agree with Irving for the league to change the logo to honor Bryant.

Although Bryant has been honored in many ways since his passing in January of last year, it’s doubtful the league would make such a drastic change. The league has gone with the same logo since 1969, with West as the face or silhouette of the NBA.

However, considering Bryant’s immense popularity and the fact that other current and former NBA stars might also lobby for the league to make the change, it may not be beyond the realm of possibility.

It remains to be seen whether the NBA would ever consider the change as Commissioner Adam Silver and company would have to make massive changes due to the new look.

Stranger things have happened in professional sports, so it can’t be ruled out even if it is coming from Irving of all people.

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