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Kyle Kuzma Reflects on How Role Has Changed With Lakers

Kyle Kuzma Lakers Kirby Lee / USA TODAY Sports

Though he now comes off the bench, Los Angeles Lakers forward Kyle Kuzma is remaining positive about his role with the team.

Marc J. Spears of The Undefeated looked at how Kuzma will have the opportunity to spend Christmas with his family before the Lakers’ game against the Los Angeles Clippers.

Along with the excitement about that joyous occasion comes Kuzma’s new perspective on the positive aspects of coming off the bench.

“I’m just being patient,” Kuzma said. “Obviously, coming in, I knew I had to sacrifice a lot. It’s kind of hard sometimes being a young player and you see other young players [around the league] that you think you are better than in better [playing] situations. But I just got great vets around me that keep me centered and chill. I have a chance to win a championship in my third year. I can do whatever I want after winning one. I’m just being positive. …

“For me, you’re not going to get the same touches, same shots and same vibe on the court. It’s something you really have to adjust and adapt to certain things. We live in a society where everybody wants you be to great now and every time out. But it’s going to take time.”

Kuzma started all but two of the 70 games he played in last season but has only been a starter in one of his 21 appearances this season. However, last year’s Lakers’ squad finished out of the postseason.

In contrast, the 2019-20 unit currently ranks among the best in the league in terms of record.

That thrill of winning has allowed Kuzma to be more positive about only averaging 23.0 minutes per contest this season, compared to last season’s 33.1 minutes-a-game average. While Kuzma has had to deal with injuries this season, that’s not having an effect on his disposition.

“It’s a lot less stressful going home every night when you win than when you are losing,” Kuzma said. “It brings a lot more joy to you. …

“It’s fun. It’s different. Those guys just demand so much attention on the court. … Efficient easy shots are there for the taking. It’s been a blast. You can’t really complain too much.”

Kuzma hopes to make an impact in the Christmas Day battle against the Clippers. Even if he doesn’t, however, it’s clear that he figures to be just as happy if the Lakers come away with a victory.