Kyle Kuzma calls Paul Pierce ‘sicko’ for degrading women in controversial clip

Brad Sullivan
1 Min Read

Los Angeles Lakers forward Kyle Kuzma offered a short but blunt opinion of former NBA superstar Paul Pierce’s online video, which showed women engaging in degrading behavior.

Pierce, who put together a Hall of Fame-worthy career with the Boston Celtics, was shown on video making comments while a number of different women either twerked or were seen making sexual gestures.

Kuzma wasn’t the only NBA player to offer his comments on the video, though it’s clear that he didn’t approve of Pierce’s actions in this matter.

For Pierce, a more important arbiter of his behavior may be ESPN, which currently employs him as an NBA analyst. While he didn’t violate any laws in the video, it puts the network in the embarrassing position of having to deal with the issue.

In Kuzma’s case, he doesn’t have much time to delve more deeply into the matter, considering the Lakers have a Sunday afternoon date against the Los Angeles Clippers.

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