Kwame Brown destroys Russell Westbrook, goes off on expletive-laced tirade after seeing him in skirt

Brad Sullivan
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Former NBA player Kwame Brown went off on Los Angeles Lakers guard Russell Westbrook, attacking the veteran for wearing women’s clothes in a recent photo shoot.


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The expletive-filled tirade by Brown also included the repeated use of racial slurs, with Brown struggling to pronounce Westbrook’s last name while also questioning his sexuality.

Brown, who was once the top overall pick in the 2001 NBA Draft, has become more prominent in the past year, offering commentary on a variety of topics.

However, Brown’s 12-year NBA career, which included a two-season stint with the Lakers, never came close to the promise that made him the top overall pick.

Westbrook has become known for his fashion sense during his time in the NBA, though he’s usually not seen wearing women’s clothing.

It seems unlikely that Westbrook will even respond to Brown’s outrage, considering that Westbrook’s in the process of preparing for his first season with the Lakers. If he does offer a retort, he’s likely to deliver a brutal shot at Brown’s failed career.

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