Kobe Bryant to get statue in National Garden of American Heroes ordered by Donald Trump - Lakers Daily

Kobe Bryant to get statue in National Garden of American Heroes ordered by Donald Trump

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Nearly a year after his tragic death, the honors keep pouring in for late Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant.

He will apparently be honored in the form of a statue, thanks to an executive order that was signed by President Donald Trump on Monday. That executive order will establish the National Garden of American Heroes, which will feature statues of historical figures, including Bryant.

“The National Garden will feature a roll call of heroes who deserve honor, recognition, and lasting tribute because of the battles they won, the ideas they championed, the diseases they cured, the lives they saved, the heights they achieved, and the hope they passed down to all of us — that united as one American people trusting in God, there is no challenge that cannot be overcome and no dream that is beyond our reach,” read the executive order.

“In short, each individual has been chosen for embodying the American spirit of daring and defiance, excellence and adventure, courage and confidence, loyalty and love. Astounding the world by the sheer power of their example, each one of them has contributed indispensably to America’s noble history, the best chapters of which are still to come.”

Bryant is one of the truly iconic basketball players and athletes of all time. He played each of his 20 seasons for the Purple and Gold and helped lead the team to five NBA championships.

Along the way, he strengthened the Lakers brand and popularity, especially in foreign markets such as China.

Following his retirement in 2016, Bryant branched out, becoming something of an advocate for women’s and youth sports. He also won an Academy Award for his short film “Dear Basketball.”

Surely, the statue of Bryant at the National Garden of American Heroes won’t be the only statue he will posthumously receive, as one can be sure that the Lakers will erect a statue of their own in Bryant’s likeness.