Kevin Garnett reacts to Darvin Ham landing the Lakers job after the Celtics legend ripped L.A.’s coaching search

Brad Sullivan
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Hall of Famer Kevin Garnett offered enthusiastic praise over the hiring of Darvin Ham as the new head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers.

Kevin Garnett and Darvin Ham

Garnett’s praise of Ham is in direct contrast to a previous social media message that was perceived as a jab at Ham and other candidates in the mix for the Lakers job.

That criticism by Garnett indicated that he believed the Lakers weren’t serious about hiring the best available coach for their vacancy. What Ham did in the few days between Garnett’s two messages to change the Hall of Famer’s mind is uncertain.

Before being hired as the new head coach of the Lakers, Ham had served as an NBA assistant for 11 seasons, the first two of those with L.A.

In the third season of Ham’s run as an assistant with the Milwaukee Bucks, he was a key part of a Bucks coaching staff that led the team to its first NBA title in 50 years.

Ham hadn’t coached any games between the two messages, yet Garnett ricocheted from being one of his critics to someone in praise of Ham’s hiring.

Comments on social media from many people can often seem contradictory when pointed out by others. Garnett certainly isn’t the first and won’t be the last person to which such a situation occurs.

In some cases, when the hypocrisy of such conflicts is noted, the response by the original poster is to simply delete the earlier message. Garnett could take that path or simply own up to his surprising change of heart.

Ham likely won’t spend much time pondering Garnett’s shift and instead will now focus on getting the Lakers back to the postseason.

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