Kevin Garnett clears up rumored beef with Carmelo Anthony due to reported trash-talk about La La

David Akerman
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Kevin Garnett is known to be a big trash-talker. Throughout his NBA career, he got into feuds with multiple players.

One of his most famous feuds was with current Los Angeles Lakers forward Carmelo Anthony. Garnett was reported to have said some inappropriate things regarding Anthony’s then-wife La La.

In a profile with GQ‘s Michael Pina, Garnett cleared the air regarding the conflict.

“I’ve never said anything about anyone’s family,” Garnett said. “I’ve never said anything to Melo about La La. I’m a Frosted Flakes man. I’m not a Honey Nut Cheerios guy. I never knew where that came from. Let me clear that up.”

At the time of the incident, Carmelo Anthony was not happy at all.

La La Anthony seemed to find some humor within the conflict.

Over eight years have passed since the conflict first arose, so there’s definitely a strong possibility that there is no longer bad blood between Garnett and Carmelo Anthony.

It will be interesting to see if Carmelo Anthony responds to Garnett’s new comments in the coming days.

Throughout their careers, the two have faced off against each other in a total of 46 games. Garnett won 27 of those matchups while Carmelo Anthony was able to win 19 of those games.

Although Garnett retired at the conclusion of the 2015-16 season, Carmelo Anthony is still playing in the NBA.

After signing with the Lakers last offseason, Carmelo Anthony has been one of the team’s best players this season, averaging 17.6 points and 3.6 rebounds per game while shooting 50.0 percent from the field and a sizzling 52.0 percent from beyond the arc.

Carmelo Anthony and the Lakers will face off against the Miami Heat on Wednesday night.

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