Kevin Durant goes after Shannon Sharpe for insinuating he said he’s better than ‘GOAT’ LeBron James

Jonathan Sherman
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Brooklyn Nets star Kevin Durant is no stranger to online controversy.

His most recent feud began earlier this week when former NFL star and sports pundit Shannon Sharpe insinuated that Durant said he’s better than Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James.

Sharpe then quickly pivoted and reminded fans about another misstep that Durant made in the past.

Durant punched back by insinuating that he never even said the quote that Sharpe was referring to.

Sharpe then responded by seemingly trying to goad Durant into coming onto his show on Fox Sports 1.

When Durant issued his response to Sharpe, the former football star simply wished Durant the best.

However, moments later, Durant exposed Sharpe for blocking him on Twitter.

Durant has been clowned for his snarky takes on Twitter in the past, but it’s hard to deny that he almost never lets his haters get the best of him. He’s seemingly constantly willing to go as far as he needs in order to make sure that he gets the last laugh.

As for his rivalry with James, the Lakers superstar now has four NBA titles to Durant’s two. However, Durant has won two matchups out of three when the two icons have met in the championship round.

If the Lakers can get healthy for the postseason, it’s quite likely that James and company will face off against Durant and his superteam in the 2021 NBA Finals.

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