Kendrick Perkins believes Russell Westbrook’s confidence is shattered: 'Watching his interviews...he looks broken' - Lakers Daily

Kendrick Perkins believes Russell Westbrook’s confidence is shattered: ‘Watching his interviews…he looks broken’

Russell Westbrook

Kendrick Perkins believes that the confidence of Los Angeles Lakers star Russell Westbrook is shattered.

The current NBA analyst and former teammate of Westbrook explained why he thinks Westbrook is struggling this season.

“Watching his interviews, listening to him, he looks broken,” Perkins said.

Westbrook is in the middle of one of the worst shooting slumps of his career, as he has shot less than 17 percent from the field in each of his last two games.

Westbrook had a 2-for-12 shooting performance in the Lakers’ loss to the Memphis Grizzlies, and then he followed that up with a 2-for-14 performance in Wednesday’s loss to the Sacramento Kings.

While Westbrook is usually one of the most confident players in the NBA, the former MVP is clearly going through one of the toughest stretches of his career.

“I don’t … the word slump for me is not like something like I lean on,” Westbrook said after the loss to the Kings. “I stay locked into my craft, figure it out. I’m just in a position of trying to figure out the best way to play at the moment. As simple as that. I’ll figure it out, and that’s that. Like, nothing that hasn’t happened to me before. Got a game on (Saturday).

“The best thing about the NBA is getting a chance to kind of go back to the drawing board, look at how you can be effective, at least from the scoring side of it, and make adjustments and figure out ways to be able to just making a f—— shot. That’s it. That’s it.”

The Lakers will certainly need more out of Westbrook if they want to be title contenders.

Los Angeles will hope that he will find his old form and shake his shooting woes when the Lakers face the Denver Nuggets on Saturday.