Ken Griffey Jr. shares why it’s important for him to take his father to LeBron and Bronny James’ 1st game together

Brad Sullivan
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Baseball Hall of Famer Ken Griffey Jr. has indicated that he plans on taking his father to the first NBA game in which LeBron James and his son Bronny play together.

The connection between the two father-son combinations is that the Griffeys made baseball history in 1990 when they played together for the Seattle Mariners.

Griffey Jr. explained that besides that similarity, he and the elder James share an endorsement link with Nike.

“When that happens, I’m gonna be there,” Griffey Jr. said. “I’m gonna take my dad to the game. We’re actually gonna go to the game. LeBron being a Nike guy. I’m a Nike guy. I’m gonna make sure I’m there at that game. And I think it’s important that we’re all there and celebrating somebody else’s success because that’s the thing is when you’re in sports, you don’t celebrate you. You celebrate other people, and that’s the beauty of sports is like, we’re gonna celebrate hopefully in a couple of years LeBron and Bronny playing together.”

Griffey Jr. was in his second MLB season when his father was released by the Cincinnati Reds in August of 1990. Soon enough, Ken Griffey Sr. signed with the Mariners to create the pairing of the first father and son to play together in MLB.

The bond between the father and son became an even more iconic one on Sept. 14, 1990, when the two hit back-to-back home runs in a game against the then-California Angels.

With respect to elder James and his son, the Los Angeles Lakers superstar indicated in February that he plans on finishing his legendary NBA career with whatever team drafts or signs the younger James.

Since the prospect of the elder James and younger James playing together won’t be taking place in the immediate future, the Griffeys have plenty of time to coordinate their schedules for the event.

If and when the elder James does take the court with his son, Lakers fans will hope that the superstar is still playing for their team. There’s no guarantee that will happen, but it’s certain that the presence of the Griffeys at the event will become a story in itself.

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