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Report: Kawhi Leonard ‘Seriously Considering’ Signing With Lakers

Kawhi Leonard and LeBron James John E. Sokolowski / USA TODAY Sports

Just weeks after winning a championship with the Toronto Raptors, Kawhi Leonard may be looking to play for another team.

According to a report from ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith, Leonard is seriously considering joining the Los Angeles Lakers this offseason.

“I have received word that Kawhi Leonard is seriously considering the Los Angeles Lakers,” Smith said. “The Clippers are very, very nervous right now. Obviously in the case of the Toronto Raptors, obviously he wants to grant you a meeting, but why should he require a meeting? He just won a championship with them, he just played with them for the last year.

“You’re going to listen to their pitch or whatever, but I don’t see why they would need to have a pitch. So it comes down to Toronto or one of the L.A. teams. You don’t dismiss the Clippers, but I was told specifically, ‘Do not dismiss the Lakers, the Lakers are in play for Kawhi Leonard.'”

Earlier reports had the Raptors and Los Angeles Clippers as the frontrunners to sign 2019 Finals MVP for next season and beyond.

Clearly, the addition of Anthony Davis in the Lakers lineup has made Leonard lean a bit further in the direction of one of the league’s most marketable teams.

A possible Big 3 composed of Leonard, Davis, and LeBron James may be the most intimidating triumvirate of stars in league history.

It could be argued that they could be the most athletic, talented, and star-studded trio to ever play for one team. After failing to make the playoffs this past season, the Lakers would be the heavy favorites to win the championship next season if they are able to steal Leonard from Toronto and L.A.’s other team.

But Leonard must feel a responsibility to the city of Toronto after giving it their first-ever championship earlier this month.

If he should pass up on an opportunity to win back-to-back titles with the Raptors, that means he likely believes he can win more titles elsewhere, particularly with the Lakers.