Jeanie Buss says the Lakers will never tank: ‘They deserve a quality product’

Jonathan Sherman
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The Los Angeles Lakers had such a dismal 2021-22 NBA season that there were surely some fans out there that wanted the team’s front office to blow up the current roster and rebuild from scratch.

One of the most common tactics that rebuilding teams utilize to improve their rosters is tanking. Essentially, tanking is when a team purposely fields a losing lineup and loses large swaths of games in a given season.

Though this practice has seemingly worked for a number of teams through the years, Lakers owner Jeanie Buss recently stated that she’ll never lead the Lakers to tank because fans deserve a “quality product” from the franchise.

“Some people may debate the idea of tanking for several years,” Buss said. “My dad never did that in 32 years. It’s just not the way he would’ve seen the Lakers brand, to be at the bottom of the standings, year after year.

“He always felt that the fans invested their time and their money in your team, and you have to perform for them. If you don’t, then they’re gonna move on and find something else to spend their time and money on. They deserve a quality product.”

There’s no question that Lakers fans have enjoyed a stellar product through the years. They’re one of the most successful franchises in American sports history with 17 total NBA titles.

Still, Lakers fans are not a group that rests on its laurels. That’s what makes the upcoming campaign such an important one for Buss and company.

Prior to last season, the Lakers were considered to be major contenders to win an NBA championship. After winning a title in 2020 and suffering a major letdown in 2021, the Lakers seemed poised to once again hoist the Larry O’Brien Trophy in 2022.

What instead took place was one of the more disappointing seasons in franchise history. The Lakers not only missed out on winning the title, but also missed out on advancing to the playoffs altogether.

While Buss is determined not to tank to give the fans a good product, there’s no arguing against the idea that the product last season was just about as bad.

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