Jay Williams and Jalen Rose Say LeBron James Is Already Better Than Kobe Bryant

Jonathan Sherman
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For many Los Angeles Lakers fans, it may be hard to consider LeBron James being a better overall NBA player than legend Kobe Bryant.

However, according to studio analysts and former NBA players Jalen Rose and Jay Williams, James has indeed surpassed Bryant on the list of all-time stars.

This agreement between Rose and Williams occurred with James on the verge of passing Bryant on the NBA’s all-time list of scoring leaders.

It’s a contentious issue to be sure. James’ career averages are undeniably more impressive than Bryant’s.

He has also enjoyed more major personal accolades in his career. While Bryant was named MVP in 2008, James already has four MVP awards.

The one category that Bryant clearly has James beat in is when it comes to championship rings.

As it currently stands, Bryant has five titles under his belt while James only has three.

In the end, the answer to the question of which player is better depends heavily on who is being asked.

Perhaps, if James ends up winning two more titles, more Bryant supporters will be willing change their tune.

That would likely prove to be true if those titles were to come while James is playing for the Lakers.

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