Jared Dudley Raves About Lakers ‘Phenomenal’ Chemistry: ‘There Were Literally No Beefs, No Cliques’

Brad Sullivan
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While the Los Angeles Lakers remain in limbo, veteran Jared Dudley indicated that when they were together this season, the team possessed memorable chemistry.

Michael Lee of The Athletic recently interviewed the 34-year-old Dudley and looked at what was already a difficult season before the NBA shutdown on March 11.

According to Dudley, the Lakers’ chemistry was something he hadn’t experienced previously since entering the league in 2007.

“So many different varieties and we all found a way to come together from a mental standpoint, hanging out, dinners. Going to birthdays,” Dudley said. “And the chemistry was just phenomenal. The group chats. There were literally no beefs, no cliques. We all hung out together. Once you hang out, it’s easier for LeBron [James] to get on Dwight [Howard] or JaVale [McGee]. It’s easier for AD (Anthony Davis) to get on Danny Green or Danny Green to get on me, because we’re all so cool. And that I’ve never had. I’ve always had, somebody took it personal, ‘Man, watch your mouth.’ So, I never had that.”

The 2019-20 season has seen the Lakers deal with a preseason controversy in China, early-season injuries, the stunning death of franchise legend Kobe Bryant and now, the coronavirus-based shutdown.

Prior to that stoppage of play, the Lakers had compiled a Western Conference-best 49-14 record and were destined to compete in their first postseason since 2013.

The first few weeks of the shutdown were magnified by the self-quarantine the Lakers underwent. That was a result of the team having faced the Brooklyn Nets, which had players test positive for the virus.

Two unknown Lakers players tested positive for the illness, but luckily everyone was symptom-free after the 14-day quarantine. Despite that good news, the frustration of not being able to play has resulted in efforts to strengthen the team bond.

Those efforts have included having team group chats via video stream, but it’s clear that Dudley and his teammates are hoping to get back on the court.

The obvious reason for that is because they are in a solid position to make a deep postseason run and possibly capture the Lakers’ first NBA title in a decade.

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